Top 5 Skin Treatments for Men in 2023

Male client receiving laser hair removal.

Skincare is for everyone, regardless of gender or orientation. Our clinic here at Atelier Esthetique Institute services clients of all kinds. Since men deserve great-looking skin too, here are five of the hottest skincare treatments to consider. 

1. Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal is one of the most frequently used skin treatments by men for 2023. Laser hair removal is a versatile treatment be used to tame body hair or remove unwanted hair in areas like the eyebrows. Laser hair removal is a procedure that is usually painless and can be completed relatively quickly. Laser hair removal provides a longer-term solution compared to waxing or shaving, allowing you to maintain smooth, healthy-looking skin for an extended period.

2. Microdermabrasion 

A non-surgical treatment to rejuvenate the face, microdermabrasion is a quick and painless procedure that clears away dead skin cells and provides fast recovery. Men looking to get a facial treatment that makes them look younger and healthier should consider microdermabrasion. People with facial hair shouldn’t worry either since treatments like this don’t require you to shave in order to clean out your pores. 

3. Chemical Exfoliation 

If you’re looking for something you can do at home, there are many great over-the-counter chemical exfoliation products available. You also opt for a chemical peel at an esthetics spa for deeper cleansing and care, but an esthetician can also recommend great over-the-counter treatments that you can use yourself. To learn more about chemical exfoliations, check out our other blog post, Is Chemical Exfoliation Good for Your Skin

4.  Botox 

Injectables like Botox might seem intimidating. The popularity of Botox among men has skyrocketed in 2023. Some men want to remove wrinkles from their faces, while others have used Botox to reduce body sweat. Injectables are a great way to look younger and to improve their self-esteem. 

5. Body Sculpting 

Also known as body contouring, body sculpting is a nonsurgical way to reduce unwanted fat and to tone muscles without harm. One of the most prominent forms of body contouring today is CoolSculpting, which selectively freezes fat cells in order to break them down. Other popular treatments for men include EmSculpt, which can build muscles and remove hair.

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