Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Get Trained in Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Are you a licensed esthetician or waxing specialist looking to hone your skills and learn new waxing techniques? Over time, trends in bikini waxing have varied but the Brazilian Bikini Wax has remained one of the most popular styles. The treatment is popular because it helps women improve their confidence and based on other areas previously waxed, it gives a smooth result. It has also gained popularity among male clientele, called Manzilian Waxing which is one of the hosted workshops waxing class offered at Atelier.

Interested in an Advanced Course?

What You Will Learn

This is a 7.5-hour New York State approved course. Material is presented in lecture and clinical practice. You will learn proper positioning, draping and proven waxing technique to ensure a successful Brazilian Bikini Waxing. Additionally, you will learn:

  • Skin structure, disorders, and diseases
  • Learn how to improve your capability to complete a Brazilian wax in 15 minutes or less, while providing quality work and experience
  • Learn advanced positioning, stretching and application techniques that will enable you to perform the ultimate Brazilian wax
  • Learn what to look for to avoid complications
  • Proper sanitation and safety procedures
  • Pre and post client care
  • Learn various options to promote your services to increase new clientele and retention rate.

Eligibility and Requirements

Previous experience using hard wax is REQUIRED and you must be a licensed esthetician or waxing specialist to attend. Students must also bring two models.

Admission Information

This class sells out quickly. Students who are interested and eligible are encouraged to contact the Admissions team to pay the $150 nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot in class. Call (212) 725-6130 to reserve your spot.

1 Day Brazilian Bikini Waxing Course

Next Class: JANUARY 28, 2024: 9am-5pm

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