Micro Pigmentation: Lip Blush

Get Trained in Permanent Makeup Application

The field of permanent makeup (PMU) is an exciting and growing industry. The beauty industry is projected to top $716 billion by 20251 and Micro pigmentation field is one most popular treatments in this sector.2 This means there could be an increasing amount of job opportunities in many types of work environments for people who have been trained properly.

Lip Blush is a technique that gives a natural effect of enhanced lip shape and color. Using a soft application finding the color that best goes with your face shape and skin. This service has no down time as the swelling of the lips will go down within hours.

The course is crafted to fully understand the shape of lips, combination of pigments to create colors, and create a painless treatment. Upon successful completion of this this workshop, attendees will receive a Micro pigmentation: Lip Blush training certificate.

Interested in a Workshop?

What You Will Learn

In this course students will learn safety and sanitation protocols for micro pigmentation procedures, skin anatomy and contraindications, skin reactions and remedies, prevention, and pre- and post-procedure care. Students will also receive the link to the online OSHA certification course to obtain tattoo license.

Students will how work on different types of Fitzpatrick’s, get intensive hands-on practice, social media marketing, intense theory on permanent make up, and continuing support from your instructor.

What You Will in You Training Kit

All workshop participants will receive a permanent makeup starter kit that is included in the price of the workshop. The kit includes a PMU machine, mixable pigment colors, needles, numbing cream and other needed supplies.

Eligibility and Requirements

Participants must possess an esthetician license or other professional licensing, including Cosmetologists (or equivalent professional governing body designation), Licensed Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practicing Nurse (LPN), Physicians’ Assistant (PA), Physician, or Massage Therapist. Exceptions may be made for graduate students in the above fields or students in their last quarter of study.



Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics hosts a variety of workshops conducted by industry professionals designed to enhance the participant’s knowledge and skill in the field. These workshops are not affiliated with Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics and are therefore not licensed by the State Education Department of New York or accredited by NACCAS.

2 Days Micro Pigmentation Workshop

Next Class: september 15-16, 2023: 10am-5pm

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