Ayurveda Facial Techniques

Get Trained in Ayurveda Facial Techniques

Welcome to the Ayurveda Facial – a journey merging ancient wisdom with modern skincare expertise. Elevate your practice by infusing each treatment with the tailored essence of Ayurveda – where tradition meets innovation. In this training, we go beyond the basics to explore the transformative power of customization.

Ayurvedic therapy is known for its profound relaxation and rejuvenation benefits. Doshas and chakras are fundamental concepts in Ayurveda representing different aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. Facial Marma massage is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy that involves gentle manipulation of specific marma points on the face to promote relaxation, balance energy flow, and enhance the skin’s health and radiance. Herbal balls, also known as herbal poultice or herbal compress balls, are traditional therapeutic tools used in various holistic healing practices, particularly in Thai and Ayurvedic treatments. A sound bath is a meditative and therapeutic practice that utilizes sound waves, often produced by instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and tuning forks, to induce deep relaxation, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being.

Interested in a Workshop?

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about:

  • Understanding Ayurvedic Principles
  • Integration with Beauty Treatments
  • Understanding Marma Points
  • Study of Facial Marma Massage Technique 
  • Energetic Balancing Techniques
  • Understanding Doshas
  • Study of Chakras
  • Herbal Ball Preparation and Application Techniques
  • Understanding Sound Healing 
  • Instruments and Tools
  • Playing Techniques
  • Creating Sacred Space

Each participant will receive a starter kit for this transformative treatment which includes: Herbal ball, Sound healing and chakra set, treatment mask essentials and Ayurvedic treatment guide.

Eligibility and Requirements

Participants must possess an esthetician license or other professional licensing, including Cosmetologists (or equivalent professional governing body designation), Licensed Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practicing Nurses (LPN), Physicians’ Assistants (PA), Physicians, or Massage Therapists. Exceptions may be made for graduate students in the above fields or students in their last quarter of study.


Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics hosts a variety of workshops conducted by industry professionals designed to enhance the participant’s knowledge and skill in the field. These workshops are not affiliated with Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics and are therefore not licensed by the State Education Department of New York or accredited by NACCAS.

2 Day Ayurveda Facial Techniques Workshop

Next Class: may 18-19, 2024: 9am to 5pm

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