From Student to New Spa Owner: Our Top 6 Tips

Three students at Atelier Esthetique learning tips for new spa owners

Many of our students arrive at Atelier Esthetique Institute with drive and entrepreneurial spirit in hopes of starting their own business. One of the greatest aspects of working as an esthetician is the ability to build your own client base and create your own treatment plans, and many estheticians often make their own independent companies after some time. Whether you’re an aspiring student who wants to own a spa or a long-time esthetician looking to start a new career, this guide can help you prepare for the next steps. Check our tips for a new spa owner! 

1.  Establishing a Business and Know the Laws 

It’s important to hire a lawyer in order to establish your business properly and also to understand the laws behind properly running a business. Different states have different laws about operating spas and the regulations needed, so make sure you hire someone who is local. You can learn more about the legality of spa ownership here.  

2.  Get Advanced Training 

Regardless of how long you’ve been working as an esthetician, there is always more to learn. This is especially true if you’re starting your own business. Here at Atelier Esthetique, we offer a Master Esthetics Course that expands upon the standards needed for certification. If you’re already an esthetician with 600 hours of training, you can come back for the remaining 300 hours to get a Master Esthetics Course diploma! And people beginning their esthetics education can enroll in the Master Esthetics Course and complete the whole training, including several advanced topics, in as few as 24 weeks. 

We also offer a wide array of advanced courses, including salon and spa management . Here, you can learn about the ins and outs of running a business and what goes into that process. 

3.  Building a Business Plan 

If you’re planning on going into business for yourself, you need to set goals and targets that are achievable and realistic for your abilities. A business plan is essentially your mission statement followed by a detailed plan of how you are going to execute your mission and achieve your goals. What services are you offering, what staff do you need, what is the cost of services to you and to the client… all of these questions will make you a better business owner.  

4.  Market Your Business 

You’ve created a business; now you need to get the word out! Marketing your business is an important step in developing an audience. You have to ask yourself some questions: Who is your target client? Why should they go to you? Where will they find you? Things like these will help develop your marketing plan. Are you using social media or other forms of advertising? Are you building your own website or hiring someone to do that for you? These questions and more will make a big difference to your business’s future. 

A student at Atelier Esthetique learning tips for a new spa owner

5.  Establish a Client Base 

Whether you’re bringing clients with you from a previous job or if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to develop a client base in order to have a steady flow of people through the doors. Marketing will do some of the job, but it’s also necessary to know your niche in the esthetics landscape. Are you a master at facial treatments? Do you think you’re the best at dermaplaning? Let your future clientele know what it is that makes you so talented.  

6.  Client Retention and Word of Mouth Awareness 

If you’ve followed the above steps, then you’re in great shape to start a business. But how do you keep it going? This is what client retention is all about. What will make your customers happy and coming back for more treatments? It’s cheaper to keep a client coming back than it is to find new ones, and building trust between the provider and the client is crucial.  

Remember to stay in contact with your customers through a mailing list or other forms of communication. And encourage them to tell their friends! Offering referral discounts, for example, is a great way to have people come back for more services while expanding your client base for the future.  

The Tips Every New Spa Owner Should Know… 

Be yourself! Don’t forget you got into this career because of a passion. If you’ve followed our steps, then you will have a great business on paper. But never lose your love for esthetics.   

Also, never stop learning! Don’t assume you know everything. You can always develop your skills further and add new treatments to your repertoire. And that’s what you can always rely on Atelier Esthetique to provide.

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