Real World Skills You Won’t Learn in Your Esthetics Textbook

If you flip through an esthetics textbook, you’re going to see lessons about skin, physical health, anatomy, patient care, and much more. But learning from a book is only part of the education you need to become an esthetician. Working hands-on is one thing, but going to a school like Atelier Esthetique Institute gives you the chance to learn real world skills that you won’t find in a textbook. Here are four esthetics etiquette tips you’ll discover by going to Atelier. 

1. Punctuality Makes a Difference 

Imagine you had a doctor’s appointment, but when you get to the office, you’re told that your doctor is running late, and the other nurses are now double-booked. That would annoy you to no end, and it also would impact the other people who work with the doctor.  

This is true at most jobs. Tardiness doesn’t just affect you; it impacts everyone you work with as well. Clients get upset and you can become at risk of losing them, colleagues get overworked, and you face the consequences. Just like how you need to be in your seat when class begins at Atelier Esthetique, you’ll need to be ready to work as soon as your shift begins.  

2. Show Up Ready to Work 

Just as punctuality is important, so is preparation. If you arrive at your spa dressed in sweatpants or go to a client without your waxing kit set up properly, don’t be surprised if you have trouble keeping a job. You’re responsible for yourself and your own work. If you have a uniform you need to wear, make sure it is laid out and neat. If a client is coming in at 12:30 for a waxing appointment, don’t wait to heat up the wax until 12:29.  

These things might seem simple, but people pay attention to behavior like this. Get into the habit of being prepared and clients will appreciate your skill and diligence. And if you keep making mistakes and showing up unprepared, you might not book as many clients. 

3. If You Respect Patients and Colleagues, They’ll Respect You 

“Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated.” There’s a reason this “golden rule” is taught in kindergarten to everyone.  

Respect is a two-way street. If you show kindness and generosity to others, they’ll show it to you in return. In every job across the world, there are some bad traits you might notice: laziness, gossip, avoiding responsibility, and much more. But the best employees are the ones who treat their workplace with respect and dedication. Offer to help out when it isn’t requested of you, go the extra mile to make someone’s day. It will pay off in the end. 

4. Be Proud of The Work You Do 

Take pride in your skills as an esthetician in the classroom and the real world. You’ve spent hundreds of hours learning these skills. You work hard to get high grades in every class. Why would you waste that effort on your actual clients? Be confident in your skills as an esthetician and bring integrity and passion to every client and service you offer. You’ve worked hard to get to this place in your life.

Show everyone what you’re capable of and what makes an Atelier Esthetique graduate so special.  

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We’re so pleased to announce Atelier Esthetique Institute’s recent appearance on the program World’s Greatest, which airs on Bloomberg TV. 

Earlier this year, a film crew from World’s Greatest came to New York to film students at both Atelier Esthetique Institute and our sister school, Swedish Institute. Some of our great instructors and students were featured in the episode, and we were honored to be able to discuss what makes Atelier Esthetique so special, and about some of the advanced programs that we’ve been offering that are broadening the horizons of esthetics and cosmetology as a whole.  


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