Ms. Annette Hanson Visits Atelier Graduate at Face Gym in NYC

Our Founder, Ms. Annette Hanson, makes it a point to visit school graduates when she’s in New York City. This past week she went to Saks Fifth Avenue and stopped by Face Gym. 

Graduate Kristin Lee gave her a top notch face workout that included a cardio, yoga, and cool down session for the muscles of the face! 

Working in the beauty industry is an inspiring career full of empowering women.

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Located in New York City, Atelier Esthétique is recognized worldwide as one of the best schools for esthetician licensing and training for the skin care and beauty industry. Students can study full-time days and part-time mornings, evenings, or weekends. 

We also have a wide range of advanced training for skin care and where you can earn advanced certificates and build your resume.

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