Visa Applications

Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students under an M-1 Visa.

International students holding the M-1 visa must enroll in a full-time course to maintain their status.

Applying for the I-20 Form to qualify for the M-1 Visa

You can apply for M-1 visa from 120 days prior to the first day of your class.

Provide the following documentation needed to process the I-20

* Identity: 1st page of passport
* Address in US
* Proof of Financial Support for study in US (See Below)
* Provide Personal Information including..
* Date of Birth
* Place of Birth
* Country of Citizenship
* Address in originating country


1/2 of the current tuition plus
$100 – Registration fee
International express mail (for oversea applicants only) – fee varies with postal rates

Send documents and payment to:

Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics
154 West 14th Street, 9th floor
New York, NY 10011

After receipt of documentation and payment, we will complete and send you the I-20 Form.

After you receive the I-20 Form from Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics, the procedures to apply from overseas and from within the US are different. You need to choose one of the below.

To apply for a Visa from overseas (New Application)

Please carefully read the instructions first before completing your application.

* Fill out the Application form.
* Fill out the Financial Support form and provide the required proof of ability to
support yourself and any dependents.
* Provide copies of the first page of your passport. (Take your passport with you.)
* Download the forms below from the U.S. Department of State and fill out forms listed below.

DS-160 (Online Non-immigrant Visa Application)


• Refer to Student Visas Page

Note: Do NOT pay the visa application processing fee to the US consulate until we send you a Form I-20.

Use Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics information for the contact person or organization in the United States Section if you don’t have a contact person in the US.

Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics
154 West 14th Street, 9th floor
New York, NY 10011
(212) 725-6130

Make a Visa fee payment to the US Consulate in your country and make a reservation for an interview after you received a form I-20 from us.

If you can, call the consulate to make an appointment to interview for your M-1 Visa. Some consulates will not make appointments by phone, and require applicants to appear in person.

Go to the appointment and take all documentation and any fees to the interview.

* You will receive a visa within 4 – 10 weeks.

Note: The consular officer may need to get special clearances depending on the course of study and nationality of the student. This can take some additional time. For more information on applicants who may have additional processing requirements see Special Processing Requirements. You can enter the United States from 30 days prior to the first day of your class.

To apply for a Visa from within the US (Change of Status, Extension)

Please carefully read the instructions first before completing your application.

* Go to and complete Form I-901.
* Log and go to tab Complete Form I-901 and Pay Fee.
* Complete the form and print the Coupon indicating completion of the form and receipt for
payment, along with appropriate forms.
* Mail all documentation
* Copy of the I-901, I-20
* Financial Support form. and Copies of statement of proof of your financial support (refer to Financial Support below.)
* Copies of the first page of your passport
* Original (NOT a copy of) I-94.
* Copies of all I-20 forms that you have ever been issued if you are an F-1/M-1 student.
* And proof of payment to the processing center listed on the I-20 form.

You will receive a receipt from the INS by mail within 4 weeks and your new form I-20 and Form I-94 will arrive shortly after. If you don’t receive a receipt letter within 4 weeks, please contact us. If you are changing your status from F-1 to M-1 or M-1 to M-1, you don’t have to wait for visa approval to start the course.

Approval of Visas

Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics is not responsible for approving your M-1 visa. That decision solely lies with USCIS, the US Embassy or Consulate.

If you need more information regarding an M-1 Visa, visit How Do I Become a Vocational Student in the United States? page in the INS web-site. You must be able to show that you will have the financial support for the whole duration of your stay (3 or 6 months).

Calculating Minimum Expenses

Contact Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics or USCIS for the current monthly rate of support required for Non-Immigrant students. (Please note the rate is different if you are living independently or living with friends and relatives.) Multiply the monthly rate times the number of months of study plus Tuition, and Fees.

Proof of Financial Support

You can show proof of financial support in 3 ways:

* You can submit a copy of your bank statement and other evidence of support such as your tax return or proof of employment indicating your annual salary.

* If your sponsor is living in America or a US Citizen, he/she can fill out the I-134 form (Affidavit of support) along with his/her bank statement.

* If your sponsor resides outside the US, he/she may fill out the Financial Support form (PDF file 74kb) along with his/her bank statement.

All of these documents must be written in English and must not be more than 6 months old.

Payment Information

** Full payment for courses is due before the first class.

* Checks or money orders in USD payable to “Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics.”

* Wire transfers: Please contact us to receive for instructions.

* Credit cards: We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover

* Fax a photocopy of cardholder’s driver’s license or ID with photo and signature when the cardholder (name on the card) is different from the student.

Refund Policies for the Student who Applied for M-1 Visa

If your visa is denied or you choose not to attend, you must send back the visa package that we mailed to you along with the I-20 form and a letter of denial from the US Embassy to Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics.

100% tuition will be refunded, however the registration fee, processing fee, and International express mail fee will not be refunded.


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