Why Students Choose Atelier Esthétique Testimonials

I am so happy I attended Atelier Esthetique Institute, my sincerest gratitude to the entire faculty, they were awesome! Ms. S, Mr. Tracey and Ms. B gave so much of their time to the class, what a great team! I am so happy I passed ITEC! I cannot wait until next year to take the 2nd part of ITEC as well as other Advanced Classes at Atelier!

Wendy Lynch – ITEC Student

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you. I really appreciate everything you and the teachers have taught me, particularly, Ms. B & Ms. N, my instructors for the weekend program. I am very eager to put all that I have learned to work and I plan to come in soon for your expert advice. I always recommend your institution to friends and colleagues because of your passion about the “business of skin care.” You are legitimately one of the pioneers of esthetics here in New York. Thank you for everything!

Kedere Cooper – Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics Graduate

I just wanted to let you and your wonderful staff know how utterly pleased I was with the school. After completing the 600-hour program along with the ITEC advanced course for international certification, I am beyond prepared to step out into the real world and begin my journey of becoming the best esthetician I can be. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have received from the teachers and staff at Atelier. I had the pleasure of working with all of your teachers, all of whom were extremely competent; however, I want to especially thank Ms. M and Ms. S. I truly believe your school has motivated me to follow my love of skin care, with all my heart, by continuing my education. I value all the skills, the support and the understanding that this school offers. I truly believe that Atelier was the best choice for me. Thank you so much.

Danielle Dropkin – Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics Graduate

This course exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal and feel prepared to work as a cosmetic laser technician. It was so nice to be among like-minded people who share my interest and passion. The instructors were very knowledgeable not only about laser physics but they were helpful in preparing us to deal with clients. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in laser.

Elizabeth Boyd, Laser/IPL Hair Removal

As I prepare for my last day of class and my graduation date, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you regarding the decision I made to attend Atelier Esthetique Institute. I had a background in Elementary Education and had been a school teacher for years. However I had always had a passion for skincare and cosmetics. I started investigating schools, doing research and was very impressed when I found the Atelier website. On the day I visited the school, I met you. You told me you were impressed with my appearance and that I had a good handshake and my confidence would take me far in this industry. I threw myself into school; I appreciated my teachers Ms. Tracey & Ms S and the helpfulness Ms. Ann and Ms. Cynthia always offered me. When I became a senior, I decided to attend some advanced classes to give me an added advantage for employment. Within one week, I have been offered 3 jobs. I believe AEI gave me more than a new career. It gave me friends, reminded me how to set goals for success – it gave me a new life! I highly recommend AEI for anyone changing occupations or for someone just starting out that has a passion to be a skin care expert.

Randa Ellen Basden
Graduate of March 2012
600-Hour Esthetician License Day Class

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for giving me the tools and knowledge to succeed in the exciting world of skin care. I am currently employed at Equinox in Soho. I am glad to report that I got this job as an Esthetician in approximately one month after graduation.

Atelier Esthetique Institute has not only prepared me for my NY State exams but it also prepared me for the real world in regards to the skin care industry. The teachers at this institution are paramount and the skills they instill in the students are immeasurable. I had the pleasure of having Ms. B. as my main teacher and I appreciate her so much for sharing her wisdom. It was especially interesting to find out after I graduated Atelier, that some of the particular bits of knowledge passed on to me from Ms. B.( that at the time I may have dismissed as “unrelated,”) suddenly became ever so relevant. I feel that as I continue to grow in this field I will always value the skills, support and philosophies that I gained at Atelier.

Working as an Esthetician is a very rewarding job and your love of people should be what motivates you. It is an exciting field that is always growing and advancing. I am certain that I will continue to learn, gain confidence in my abilities and adapt to new technologies, modalities and trends in the skin care industry. Thank you again everyone at Atelier for helping me strive to be the best esthetician I can be.

Allison Twyford
Graduate August 2011
Evening Program

I just finished my midterm and wanted you to know how prepared I felt taking it. This has been one of the best choices I’ve made coming to this school. Not only will I leave being one of the best but I’ll be doing something I truly love. I look forward to the second half of this program.

Andie-Paige Rosafort
Graduate December 2011

My Experience at Atelier Esthetique was very rewarding. The teachers, staff, and students have made a huge impact on my career as an esthetician. I learned an abundance of helpful information to pave the way to success. I have been prepared to the fullest extent to pursue my goals. Thank you Ms. Hanson for your support. I am grateful to have been a part of such a fantastic school and have met great friends along the way.

From Adrienne Konicoff
Graduate, Evening Program
June 2011

I just want to say THANK YOU!! I had the most amazing experience attending Atelier and living in the city! Atelier paved the way for me in this career and I have NEVER been happier! I have a “big girls” job that I’ve held down for 2 years now! It was the first place I applied to right out of school and it stuck! I miss the staff there terribly and I am forever saying I will call to schedule an appointment for Clinic so that I may be able to give back…albeit a small give back for such an amazing place that gave me a life and wonderful friends that will last a lifetime! Ms. Hanson, I am forever grateful for all the knowledge I have received from attending your school!! Keep up the good work!!

Rachel Stormi Collins
Graduate, September 2008
June 25, 2011

Ms. Hanson, So happy to let you know that, 3 years post graduating Atelier, I’m the owner/operator of “Kim Laudati Skin Care.” I’ve made a lot of connections which have led to me room renting at “Leslie Long RN.” My focused skin clinic is located at 30E 67th & Madison Ave, penthouse. It’s a rockin’ location, very hip and chic, and the clients are incredible! Business is picking up on a daily basis and I can’t thank God enough for that. Thank you also for providing such an unparalled education! Without your school, I am positive I wouldn’t be where I’m at this early on. I’m confident and have put together clinically proven treatments, all based on true clinical findings of which your school was an important guide.

I adore the synergy of Eastern and Western medicine, and science with nature. I’m overjoyed to be able to go to work in a career that I adore, in a successful place of my own! Mr. Rochester, Ms. Cynthia, Ms. Irene and Ms. S have all also been instrumental in helping me get to this point, as their post graduate support has been phenomenal! Ms. Hanson, you and your team rock!

Wishing you many blessings, Kim Laudati
Kim Laudati Skin Care, LLC March 24, 2011

Annette, We would like to extend our thanks from The European Wax Center in Merrick for providing an excellent training program at the Atelier Esthetique Institute.

Alyssa Abelson was one of your students that is now part of our family. She graduated this past year in 2010 and has proven to be a great asset to our team. From personal experience, I can say that she is very gentle and efficient with her waxing. We use a hard stripless wax that is made exclusively for our company, yet she was able to adapt and learn our techniques and patterns very quickly.

During our first month of opening (Dec 3- Dec 31) she serviced over 150 guests and 80% of those guests scheduled their next reservation with her for the next 3-4 weeks!!! These are amazing numbers for someone who is new to the company! Thank you so much, ”

Erika Ramirez, European Wax Center – Merrick, NY

I have been meaning to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed the laser course. Barbara and Leon were not only extremely thorough and encouraging, they were there for each student. They made me feel so at ease while learning the various laser equipment, with their sense of humor and their ability to keep us interested. They also brought us guest speakers that helped us understand how lasers work from a different perspective.”

Sincerely, Joyce Mayo, Graduate

I made a decision to attend Atelier after realizing that I needed to make a living outside of my study of voice and theater. Little did I know that I was about to enter the doors to my future. I had always loved skin care and makeup, but a future in the beauty industry was the last thing I was expecting. I attended class every day and soaked in all that I could. I learned so much and graduated with so much more. I left Atelier with great friends, a great respect for my instructors, and a knowledge of skin and skin care that could not be matched. When I left Atelier I had a desire for the medical end of skincare and sought and held positions with plastic surgeons and dermatologists in both New York and Miami. I am happy to say that I am the proud new owner of a salon and skin care spa in Eastchester, NY and could not have imagined that this would be the route my life would take when I was in college studying to be an actress. I now have the incredible opportunity to make a living doing my new art, which is skin care and makeup and in turn, doing what I love!!

Camille Thomas

Just a short note on the Brazilian Waxing Class I took on June 30, 2009. It was a wonderful class and I learned so much. I consider myself a beginner with waxing, but, I feel confident that I can do a Brazilian Wax. The instructor, Ms. Nivea Cruz, was informative and thoroughly covered everything from safety, sanitation, wax, ingredients, etc. I can go on and on about the class. It was GREAT. Thank you. Looking forward to taking more advanced classes at your school.

Vera M. Sutherland

The Brazilian Waxing Class was one of the best classes offered at Atelier Esthétique®. Ms. Nivea Cruz gave comprehensive and thorough instruction. She gave us theory and history of the Brazilian Wax and its modifications, concerns for the client, safety and sanitation and most importantly the techniques needed to be a successful waxing specialist. In addition, Ms. Nivea demonstrated the proper application and removal of wax that was easy to understand and follow. She had tremendous patience for the students learning something completely new. I would recommend Ms. Nivea Cruz and the Brazilian Waxing Workshop to anyone looking to enhance their techniques and become a waxing professional.

Jo Ann Isgro Brazilian Waxing Workshop (July 26, 2009)

A phenomenal menu of services for a fraction of the price. Personal attention in a world-class educational facility. After ten years of coming to Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics, I still feel enthusiastic each time I return and ecstatic when I see the results.

Lisa Charmont

I’ve been coming to Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics for over 10 years and would not dream of going anywhere else. As a former esthetician, I am always looking for skin care products and facials that meet high standards and quality. You will find all of that at Atelier Esthétique®. The estheticians are soon-to-graduate students, whose techniques and manner rival any high-end spa I’ve ever been to. And the skin care products such as Simple Solutions and Plantogen are very effective. I highly recommend Atelier Esthétique® – and if you purchase a “Series” of facials, you get one free! It’s a great spa experience for 1/3 of the normal spa price.

Mara Sanchez, New York, NY

I attended the waxing class and had a great experience and I came out of the class with more knowledge and confidence and great techniques to advance my career. Education is the key to our success at Park West Hair Design & Spa and we will be sending our Skin Care Therapists to Atelier Esthétique®s for training.

Diane Griffith, Owner of Park West Hair Design & Spa – February 2008

I thought a gift of these little shea butter soaps in the shape of “robins’ eggs” were a good and rather appropriate representation of the exciting career you’ve helped lay out for me. Like many before me, I had my challenges and hurdles to overcome with learning, however with your amazing teachers and ever-patient staff, I am a better person today.
Thank you so much again!

Claudine Barrett Graduate, April 25, 2008

This Tuesday I received my first Atelier Esthétique® Institute treatments (glycolic facial and light). Having anticipated a bright, noisy classroom environment, I was pleasantly surprised to walk into a relaxing spa. Everyone was incredibly professional and the space was clean and well organized. Kizzy, my esthetician, was lovely and knowledgeable, patiently answering my many questions quickly, thoroughly and enthusiastically. She was also gentle in administering my treatments. The instructor, Ms. Seven, was also very professional and attentive, carefully yet unobtrusively monitoring Kizzy’s work. Moreover, she was also extremely knowledgeable and clearly explained your clinic’s unique, FDA approved light treatment.While it will take several visits to determine the efficacy of the treatments, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job your staff and students are doing. Kudos. Thank you and all the best, Lisa

Lisa McMahon

I am very proud to say that I have graduated from Atelier Esthétique® and I thank Ms. Hansen, the wonderful teachers and office personnel for making my “back to school” experience wonderful. The teachings of Miss Seven, Miss Tracey and Ms. B, have made me ready and well equipped to start work as an Esthetician. I am so happy I selected this institute.

Susan Reilly-Moszczynski

We look to Atelier Esthétique® when hiring. They produce well-trained top quality, professional estheticians.”

Kate Weinberg from Nabi Medspa

It was because of my commitment to further my education with ITEC that I was offered an esthetician position at Great Jones Spa, NY, winning out against 5 other candidates. You are placed on a higher ladder when looking for a job. Not only does ITEC raise your confidence and credibility in the field, but it increases one’s salary, also.”

Ilene Goldberg, ITEC Beauty Specialist Diploma recipient

Thank you for working with my crazy schedule these past 3½ months. By always making yourself available for numerous questions, my transition back to student life was fairly painless. With respect & much gratitude,

Ellen Greene, January 12, 2008 F/T Eve.- Weekends

I am so happy to have chosen Atelier Esthétique® to help me fulfill my passion for skin care. In the past, I didn’t have the opportunity to pursue this interest of mine. I needed to keep my full-time job to make a living. When I heard that Atelier offered weekend classes, I was more than thrilled. I was able to keep my full-time job and study on the weekend. Atelier’s flexible school schedule really fit into my busy work schedule. Now I am the primary skin care therapist at Clarins Skin Spa. I am so grateful to have studied at Atelier. This school really prepared me well to help me gain the knowledge and skill that I need to be given such a wonderful opportunity at Clarins Skin Spa. So I thank you very much to the staff at Atelier for helping me fulfill my passion. I highly recommend this school to everyone who wants to study skin care. Best wishes,

Elena Chang, July 2007 Class

Hiring a graduate at Atelier Esthétique® ensures hiring an esthetician that has been given the best tools to succeed in the industry. The estheticians are highly skilled and are extremely knowledgeable. Atelier Esthétique® graduates provide the best to everyone they touch.

Denise Schoenberger, Former Spa Manager, Estee Lauder Spa, Bloomingdales, NYC

I decided to go to Atelier Esthétique® after calling many top spas in New York City to inquire about skin care schools. It seemed as though most of the spas recommended Atelier Esthétique® and had nothing but positive feedback about the school.

Daniel Koninsky, March 4, 2008 Class

The reason I chose this school was because a former student’s sister told me about this place. When I came for information, I liked the atmosphere and after doing some research, I realized this was the best place for me because Atelier Esthétique® is recognized in the esthetics industry and the most important. They give you the opportunity to work worldwide by offering the ITEC diploma.

Jennifer Olsen, March 4, 2008 Class

I was looking for a school that met the specific high standard level of education and respectful background for me to graduate from. I believe this is the one for me. Thank you!

Jossy Martinez, March 4, 2008 Class

I chose to attend Atelier Esthétique® because of the courses that it offers. Also, because at my interview I felt assured that coming to this school would not be a regret or waste of time. Another reason is because the course length that I am now taking is perfect, because it is not too long or too short.

Maria Kotaridis, March 4, 2008 Class

I have heard that Atelier Esthétique® is the very best school in New York and now that I have been here for the past two weeks, I have to say that I really enjoy to have Ms. Rebecca who has a lot of knowledge and Ms. B. make it a fun way to learn and she is really practical. I’m not saying that it’s easy but it is enjoyable.

Maria Vogeli, March 4, 2008 Class

The reason I chose to attend Atelier Esthétique® Institute was because of the good reputation it holds and also because of the affordable tuition compared to a number of other esthetic schools. The International Program was another important factor in my decision as I plan on traveling out of the country to practice.

Natalie Nafornita, March 4, 2008 Class

I am an administrator and a consultant, certified auditor, biller and codes for the medical practice. I am also a President and CEO of a company named Premier Medical Resources which is a recruiting company for the medical professionals for all the medical facility throughout the United States. We are adding the esthetics and wellness into the medical practices. In order to know and to supervise or to hire a good esthetician I needed to understand the esthetician’s nature of the work. I think it was important for me to become one.

Nayyar Mallick, March 4, 2008 Class

When I came for my interview with Ms. Hanson, she was very thorough about the course and also very satisfied and proud of her school. She informed me about ITEC, which is vital for my goal. Also I really liked when she gave me a tour through the school and I saw the practice room with students practicing.

Sandra Lakatos-Russell, March 4, 2008 Class

I started on March 4, 2008 at Atelier Esthétique®. Before I made my decision to attend I had to research on other schools. I wanted to see the school and see how it is. I was concerned about how many students attend per class. I did speak with other students here. I felt a good energy here. I also did check out website and I compared. I felt this school had a great review.

Vera Bijelic, March 4, 2008 Class

I chose this school because when I visited their website. It gave me a lot of information regarding programs and courses. Then when I came to the school, it seems to be very organized and clean. Plus, I like the fact that school is located on Park Avenue.

Alena De Ploti, February 4, 2008 Class

I came to Atelier Esthétique® because the owner, Annette Hanson, helped write the curriculum for the 600 Hour course in New York. When I called to find out more information, Ms. Hanson got right on the phone and was very helpful.

Beth Cohen, February 4, 2008 Class

I moved from Texas to attend Atelier Esthétique® because I knew I would be getting the best education from this institution. Ms. Hanson is accredited nationwide and I knew she would provide the knowledge to excel in my profession.

Bethany Lewright, February 4, 2008 Class

I chose this school because it offered small classes. It reminded me of a military structure, so I related better. Facilities were clean and sanitary. It was located near my apartment, centrally located.” My GI Bill® covered part of my tuition and it was accepted by the school. The website was very informative and answered a lot of my questions. Friendly staff.

Ericka Steele, February 4, 2008 Class

The website was very informative, especially coming from a foreign country where I could not get hands-on information. The various range of topics offered and the ITEC diploma was encouraging, as I felt I would be adequately prepared for this profession.

Esther Daniel, February 4, 2008 Class

I have been interested in esthetics for a while and when I finally had time to look into schools, Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics jumped out at me. Between all the pictures, student feedback and well-informed website of all the courses offered, I realized that I was really looking forward to visit and become part of Atelier.

Kendra Alton, February 4, 2008 Class

Over the course of the entire year of 2007, I journeyed through an intense investigation of all the available schools of education in esthetics. I chose Atelier Esthétique® because it is a school that stands above all other, coast to coast, in its level of education, quality of teaching, available continuing education and the passion of its owner-operator, Ms. Hanson. The conviction of the teachers along with the complete and all-inclusiveness of the courses, there was no question in my mind that Atelier Esthétique® was the best place to gain a new and passionate career.

Kim Jackson, February 4, 2008 Class

Our October 1, 2007 class want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to graduate from such a prestigious school. Our experience at Atelier Esthétique® will be one we will never forget. Special thank you to Ms. B who is a wonderful teacher. She is an exceptional teacher and played an important role in our education. With her deep knowledge in the medical field, Ms. B made us confident and gave us a base to face future challenges. Thank you for all!!!

Liana Muradyan, Tatyana D’Hautcourt, Erin Tracey, Xe Pham, Karen Rodriguez

Rick Keegan, a recent graduate of our 600 Hour Estheticians Training and License preparation program, and now a NY State Licensed Esthetician did and this is what he had to say:”I enrolled in Atelier Institute after researching several other esthetic schools in 2005. I had just moved here from Massachusetts where I also had an esthetics license. I was having a difficult time getting licensed here in NYS and as it turned out I needed additional hours. Atelier was the only NYC school that quickly accommodated me and got me enrolled in record time. I thought I knew everything there was to know about skin care from my Boston esthetics course but I was pleasantly surprised by how much more I learned after attending Atelier. The teachers were top notch, knowledgeable and certainly went the extra mile to help us. I was amazed how prepared I was for the state boards and that I passed both the written and practical exams the first time around. I don’t test well so I thought I would have to go back more than once. Atelier really does prepare you for the boards and more than that they prepare you for a career in esthetics as well. Their job board is great and being an Atelier Graduate gets you further than the candidates from other schools. If you are shopping for schools, you don’t need to explore any further — go to Atelier!”

Rick Keegan, a recent graduate of our 600 Hour Estheticians Training and License preparation program



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