Shardae Boyce Shares Her Experience at Atelier Esthetique

“I recently graduated from Atelier in NYC, in April 2017.  I am writing this review to share my experience to anyone out there who’s considering a career in skin care. I started as an evening student back in September 2016, which is a part-time 8 month program. My teachers, Ms. J and Ms. Kyra for theory and practical were amazing and very knowledgeable in the skin care industry. She taught me all about how I should use my “spa voice” now that I’m a professional in training.”

“Once I became a senior I had the pleasure of having Ms. Elise, Ms. S and Ms. Karen – they were all terrific! Ms. Elise was our waxing queen here at Atelier and had an amazing resume in the skincare industry. Ms. Karen was a nutritionist in addition to being a licensed esthetician, and she was so informative when it came to the course material on nutrition!”

“All in all, I must say that I had a great experience at Atelier Esthetique from all of the staff to majority of my classmates! Everyone was so nice and welcoming; especially Ms. Regina! We had great times and even went to the Dr. Oz show (thanks to Ms. Elise)! If anyone is interested in this school, I highly recommend it because everyone is very experienced and some are still working in the industry.”

“We, as students, are able to even take advanced courses during the 600-hour basic, so you have a leg up in the industry. I’m grateful to the founder of Atelier, Ms. Hanson, who actually put the Esthetics program into fruition. If it wasn’t for her, we would still have to take a cosmetology course to work in the industry, and I don’t do hair! Atelier is a great school with a great curriculum and an amazing staff! I hope this helps anyone who is interested in becoming an Esthetician in NYC – there’s no need to second guess!”

Shardae Boyce

Atelier Esthetique Graduate
April 2017


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