My Journey – Kimberly Broomes

At a young age I became interested in Esthetics after seeing my mother going for facials and electrolysis, and I also had a slight battle with acne which become a concern as well. I always wanted to become an esthetician but because of fear, and after gathering information about the different topics that needed to be covered such as the human body and chemistry, it deterred me.

I decided to follow my other passion for business after growing up in a household of entrepreneurs. I went to Stony Brook University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Management and soon after I received my Masters of Business Administration in Human Resources Management at Iona College in 2014. After trying numerous times to find the ideal job for me I became somewhat unsuccessful because most places wanted more work experience although I had the education for Human Resources. This was a passion of mine because I enjoy working with others and knowing that I can help them whenever needed. After my contract ended with my last HR job, I said maybe this is the time for me to pursue Esthetics, I told myself that nothing could get in my way, I got my MBA and could surely tackle some chemistry and anatomy in esthetics schools.

I heard about Atelier Esthetique from a former student that went there over fifteen years ago and heard great things about it. After completing these long four months I can say that I met some incredible individuals that helped me flourish even better. I can also say that the knowledge that I obtained it something that can never be taken away. It is something that will help me grow in the esthetics industry. I not only want to make money, but I want to know that when I have a client I can educate them thoroughly about their skin. Overall it has been great, no experience is perfect, there are always ups and downs, but most importantly I have succeeded!

Kimberly Broomes
April 27, 2017


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