Light & LED – Theory & Treatments

excellence-in-trainingAn Advanced Seminar on LED Systems and Light Therapy for the Spa Professional: “Red Light, Blue Light, Yellow Light, Why?”

Light and LED Theory and Treatments

Previously available only to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Now estheticians, too, can generate more clients and more revenue with LED Light Therapy.

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Learn how you can offer your clients, pain free, risk free, affordable skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction with no down time, completed in a few short minutes.

This is the only FDA Cleared LED Device for Wrinkle Reduction and Collagen Stimulation.

* Slows Collagen Breakdown and Reduces Inflammation and Redness.

* Medically Proven with True Studies, Publications and Credentials.

Annette Hanson will dispel many of the myths that exist regarding LED Systems and this technology. Learn everything you want to know about Light Therapy and most importantly, how adding Light Therapy Treatments to the spa menu is an excellent method to increase spa revenues and attract new clients.

Upon completion student receives a Certificate.

All classes/courses NYSED approved.

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