Interview with Maro Mitilinou, Founder of LaRose Skin Care, and Atelier Esthétique Graduate Success Story

Tell us about how you started your business and why?

I created LaRose in December of 2013 when a very close friend of mine encouraged me and helped me to start handcrafting my own natural products. Growing up in a small island in Greece named Ikaria (the island of longevity), I watched the women in my family creating their own natural remedies, healing salves and therapeutic creams out of organic pure natural ingredients, handpicked from their own gardens or wild from the mountains. LaRose products are handcrafted and made with lots of passion and love to help people that are suffering from a host of different skin conditions to heal naturally. My products are safe for the whole family. They contain no toxins, no chemicals, no parabens; are animal cruelty free, vegan, raw, organic and pure. I personally handcraft every single one of my products in small batches from my place in Brooklyn.

What was your experience like at Atelier Esthétique?

I enrolled at Atelier Esthétique in November 2016 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was a great experience and I gained a great deal of valuable information and clinical experience. All of my instructors were amazing – very professional and knowledgeable. I was enrolled in their full-time program, which was very intensive but prepared me well for my board exams. I graduated in March 2017 with Honors. Now I’m the main Esthetician at Slope Wellness in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I have also been continuing to improve and expand the LaRose line of products. I added 5 new products in the past 3 months (Face Serum, Face Mask, Rose Bath Salt, Rose Soap, and Organic Deodorant).

How long have you been in business? How’s it going?

I started LaRose in December 2013 with just 2 products, but now I’m taking it more seriously as a business and trying to take it to the next step. As of now I have 14 different products which I am selling in 4 different stores in Brooklyn and it is going very well.

Why are your products so popular and doing so well?

Everybody loves the products because they see and feel results right away. They are made with only high quality all-natural ingredients (many of which are organic). The products are safe and smell amazing from all the different beautiful therapeutic essential oils.

What distinguishes your products from all the others out there?

The difference between my products and others is that I created this line out of my passion for helping people with troubled skin. My upbringing introduced me to the wonders of carefully handcrafted all-natural remedies. Now I look to carry on the traditions of my Mom and Great Grandmother with a modern, but practical line of all-natural products, made in small batches every time from a careful selection of therapeutic healing ingredients.

What’s next for you and your company? What are you future plans?

Future plans are to continue to expand the line and eventually open up the first LaRose Skin Care Store!

Where can people find you online?

We have a Facebook page and Instagram page.

Where can people find your products and buy them?

You can find Larose products at :

Slope Wellness 
816 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

6601 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY

Jet Beauty
8301 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Women’s Exchange 
55 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY


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