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154x200-dermascope-01Atelier Featured in October 2013 Dermascope Magazine

What’s your recipe for bringing in a new team member? I am proud to say that I have spent nearly 30 years in business as a single, female owner in New York City. I have graduated thousands of aestheticians and I owe my success to my team of employees who have helped me throughout the years. Our recipe is to make every student feel welcomed in our small private school. Students know that my door is always open.


Atelier Featured in June 2013 Dermascope Magazine

What is your skin care ritual? I never go to bed wearing eye makeup. No matter how tired I am, I always use an eye makeup remover. The reason is that this specialized product is made to dissolve color pigments in the shadows and loosen mascara. Using a facial cleanser to rub off eye makeup can cause irritation and, even worse, you can run the risk of getting ingredients like glycolic acid in your eyes.


Atelier Featured in March 2013 Dermascope Magazine

It is not a secret. Tanning does not do a body good. But truth be told, many of us still envy the look of the beach bronzed sun goddess. Oh, that golden glow. Being an expert in aesthetics, I know spending countless hours worshiping the sun is like asking the sun gods to hurry up and turn you into a prune. While dried-out plums may do wonderful things for your digestive system, it is not a look many of us can pull off.


Atelier Featured in Dermascope Magazine

“Excellence in Education… One Student at a Time” has been the guiding principle of Annette Hanson, president of Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics in New York City. Her professional experience spans 30 years, making her a renowned skin care expert and published author in industry periodicals, as well as a sought after lecturer at leading professional conferences worldwide.


Atelier and ITEC featured in Dermascope Magazine

Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics is proud to be the first esthetics school accredited in the US to join the International Therapy Examination Council (“ITEC”) community of over 650 colleges around the world. This is the largest, most successful council for beauty specialists and related therapies, currently awarding 23 different diplomas to over 36,000 students per year. ITEC’s diplomas are widely recognized to be the highest professional standing that an esthetician can hold worldwide.


Atelier Featured in Dermascope Magazine

Atelier Esthetique Institute aesthetic students and their instructor, Ms. Schettino, performed over 100 services at the Corsi Senior Center. They volunteered to help the Beauty Becomes You Foundation (, a non-profit initiative taking care of seniors’ health and well-being. The students found it to be an amazing and enjoyable event.


Annette Hanson featured in Dermascope Magazine

In the May 2010 Issue of Dermascope Magazine, an article written by Annette Hanson is Featured in a series about using upselling to increase the value of your salon’s services.



Annette Hanson Hailed as an Industry Legend – Dermascope Magazine

Annette Hanson hailed as an industry legend in the August 2009 issue of Dermascope Magazine.




Annette Hanson’s article ‘Margarita Madness – Dermascope Magazine

In the May 2009 Issue of Dermascope Magazine, Annette Hanson describes a skin care adventure in Mexico.




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