My Experience at Atelier Esthetique: Chloé Dambricourt

Describe Your Journey at School

My journey at the school was a really good experience. I thought it would be difficult because I was coming from another country. Thanks to Atelier Esthetique Esthetique I have been able to learn skin care both theoretical and practical. I enjoyed the fact that we combined both theory and practical during the week, so it was never boring. I was enrolled in the week day course and the hours were a perfect match for my lifestyle.

Were the Teachers and Staff Helpful?

The teachers and staff were amazing. As I already said, coming from another country (France) was challenging for me and I was afraid that I may not be able to understand everything, but the teachers and staff have always ways been there for me, always present to explain what I did not understand. They were really patient and they motivated me a lot too. Also, I liked the fact that every teacher has a different background and experience in the skin care industry, so they all were able to present a different vision. Thanks to Miss S., Miss Kyra, Miss J, Miss Elise, Miss Tracey, Francisco, Angie, Ann, Regina, and off course, Miss Hanson!

Has the School Helped Prepare You for Your Career?

Yes it has because the teachers and the staff prepared us for the “real world.” I feel completely confident and ready to start my career as an esthetician. I know all the options this industry offers me. Thanks to the practical experience and the fact we can have clients in the clinic of Atelier Esthetique, I have gained experience and feel confident for the future!

Chloé Dambricourt
New York State Esthetician License Day Program

Atelier Esthetique is a New York State approved school for esthetician licensing, and advanced training in skin care, located in Manhattan, NYC. It offers a variety of classes and programs and is one of the most respected New York City beauty schools. Get the best training you can! Our graduates get jobs fast!



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