Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Arlene Marino R.N.


“I commute from New Jersey everyday and wanted a top-notch school in New York City to fulfill my educational needs in esthetics – and I found that in Atelier Esthetique.

The incredible instructors with their years of experience and commitment to education bring an exciting dimension to the classroom and practical.

As Ms. Hanson states in the school’s mission statement, “Excellence in education, one student at a time,” is certainly their mantra and it can be felt everyday spent at Atelier.

After I graduate I hope to work for a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.”

600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Day Program

Atelier Esthetique is an approved school for New York State esthetician licensing, and advanced training in skin care, located in Manhattan, NYC. It offers a variety of classes and programs and is one of the most respected New York City beauty schools. Get the best training you can! Our graduates get jobs fast!


Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Sandra Peculic

2016-08-05_09-58-39“After researching many different schools and their programs I decided on Atelier Esthetique.

Atelier Esthetique was the only school that offered so many different advanced classes, along with a schedule that works with everyday life.

I made arrangements to visit and tour the school. The school, the staff and students there seemed so happy and friendly.

Getting a job was a lot easier than I thought. The name “Atelier Esthetique” goes a long way and is well-recognized in the skin care industry. I was hired by a Dermatologist, my dream job, before my graduation date!

In the future I plan to open my own medi-spa that will offer a wide range of services!”

Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Laura Polizzi-Ferrara

laura-polizzi-ferrara-01“My experience with Atelier has been extremely positive since the moment I picked up the phone and spoke to the Admissions Director to inquire about a class. I have been a licensed esthetician for the past eight years. I wanted to further my education so I Googled “advanced training for Estheticians” and I found Atelier’s website which was has all the information about the school and was so easy to navigate!

When I walked in to Atelier I fell in love with the atmosphere. It was the friendliest school. I couldn’t help but notice how happy everyone was. I first took Microdermabrasion at Atelier a few months ago. The teacher, Ms. S. was so full of knowledge and useful information. She is an INCREDIBLE instructor. And, you know what – I left the building smiling too!

I just completed my second class at Atelier. The Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Dr. Vodder method hosted by Atelier. My whole journey has been so pleasant I plan to come back in October and take the Chemical Peel class with IMAGE Peels and the 5 day Laser/IPL class also in October.”

Laura Polizzi-Ferrara, Licensed Esthetician (on taking Advanced Training at Atelier Esthetique)

Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Leilani El Gabry

leilani-el-gabry-01“I chose Atelier Esthetique because of its long history of educational excellence.

The school also offers a flexible schedule.

I really think it’s wonderful how the teachers go above and beyond to help you learn. It’s a very friendly and professional environment.

I’m looking forward to acquiring the skills I’ll need to be successful in the skin care industry and I’m always looking to better educate myself and others.”

Leilani El Gabry
600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Day Program

Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Joanna Collado

joann-collado“I chose Atelier Esthetique because of its credibility and reputation. Ms. Hanson is one of the most respected people in the esthetics industry. She was the first person to instruct others on the use of glycolic acid in the U.S., a breakthrough that is still recognized today. I am honored to learn from her as well as her talented staff.

I plan on combining the esthetics skills I learn at Atelier Esthetique with my dermatology training. My ultimate goal is to transform the practice I currently run into a medi-spa and offer a wide range of functional medical beauty services.”

Joanna Collado

600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Weekend Program


Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Julie Seok

400x481-julie-seok“I chose Atelier Esthetique because I was looking for a school in New York City that would give me the best education and that had the best teachers. I’m happy to have found a school with passionate teachers.

I’m in Ms. B’s class currently and learning a wealth of information. I’m really happy here and happy I chose Atelier Esthetique.”

Julie Seok

600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Weekend Program


Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Sierra Winfrey

400x481-sierra-winfrey“After graduating from High School I decided I wanted to explore a career in the skin care industry. I found Atelier Esthetique’s website, liked everything I saw, and then scheduled a visit and tour of the school.

I don’t live in New York City but decided to move here for the duration of the 600-Hour licensing program.

Ms. Hanson is very respected in the skin care industry and she’s always looking out for the best interest of her students.

After I get my New York State Esthetician’s license I’d like to create a skin care product line and maybe someday open my own destination spa!”

Sierra Winfrey

600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Day Program


Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Nancy Marie Pinho

nancy-marie-pinho-01“Upon researching schools to attend, Atelier Esthetique caught my eye because of their amazing reviews. The staff and owner Annette Hanson are by far the most helpful, intelligent, and successful women I have encountered in a learning establishment.

I was lucky enough to take the full-time day 600-Hour New York State Esthetician licensing program in the 4 months time, which was  and still is an amazing journey that no other school provides.

The opportunities for success are endless in the skin care industry long term, I know I will open my own spa and provide the best quality services and products for my clients. Short term I would like to work along side a doctor or dermatologist at a medical spa!”

Nancy Marie Pinho
600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Day Program


Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Paloma Bassani

angela-bassani-02“A few years ago I started developing my passion for all things Beauty, starting with makeup. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take, and began by taking a makeup course at another school for esthetics. When I finally decided I wanted to pursue a career as an Esthetician, I did my research and found out about Atelier Esthetique.

Even though I already had a credit elsewhere, I chose to attend this school because I was very impressed with Ms. Hanson’s history and the success rate of her school and alumni.

After being here for several months I can say that I do not regret my decision. My classmates and teachers are WONDERFUL! I have met so many great people and learned so much valuable information. I really feel I am getting the best education I can get in order to be successful out in the real world.

I am confident that I will be a successful Esthetician once I graduate, and it’s thanks to my time here at Atelier Esthetique.”

Paloma Bassani
600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Weekend Program

Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Ruth Riviere


“I came to the school’s open house with a friend. I came with my friend as moral support. I knew nothing about world of esthetics. But after speaking with Ms. Hanson, Regina, Ms. S. and other faculty and staff, I was interested in the vast opportunities esthetics could offer.

As a Registered Nurse, I was also interested in the field of medical esthetics. I truly believe that it was my destiny to apply to the school and attend Atelier Esthetique. I have been blessed by meeting some wonderful women that will be my lifelong friends and blessed by being taught by some of the best instructors in esthetics. Sometimes the road traveled is not the road seen from the highway.

My enrollment at Atelier Esthetique was not a road I could have ever foreseen, however, the road ahead is full of possibilities. And for that, I thank my dear friend that I brought along with me, Ms. Annette Hanson, and all the great instructors and staff of Atelier Esthetique.”

Ruth Riviere, RN
600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Weekend Program


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