Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Kim Schanzer

Kim Schanzer is an Atelier Esthetique graduate and another one of our success stories! She took our part-time evenings New York State Esthetician licensing program, and advanced education offered at the school, and fulfilled one of her dreams – opening her own business in the skin care industry. She has achieved incredible success and we are so proud of her!

“Studying esthetics almost 10 years ago was the best decision of my life! I had been practicing law for 12 years, but I was very unhappy. So I kept my job and started the part-time evening program to pursue my passion for skin care. I am currently in my 8th year of business as the owner of a top laser center in Midtown Manhattan. I have 6 estheticians on staff and the business is growing. We are currently planning to move to a bigger, more beautiful new space and expand our operations. I am so grateful I made the sacrifice and followed my dreams. Thank you Annette Hanson and Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics!” – Kim Schanzer, President/Owner. Pulse Laser & Skincare Center. Part-time Evenings New York State Esthetician License course graduate.

Atelier Esthetique is a New York State approved school for esthetician licensing, and advanced training in skin care, located in Manhattan, NYC. It offers a variety of classes and programs and is one of the most respected New York City beauty schools. Get the best training you can! Our graduates get jobs fast!

My Experience at Atelier Esthetique: Chloé Dambricourt

Describe Your Journey at School

My journey at the school was a really good experience. I thought it would be difficult because I was coming from another country. Thanks to Atelier Esthetique Esthetique I have been able to learn skin care both theoretical and practical. I enjoyed the fact that we combined both theory and practical during the week, so it was never boring. I was enrolled in the week day course and the hours were a perfect match for my lifestyle.

Were the Teachers and Staff Helpful?

The teachers and staff were amazing. As I already said, coming from another country (France) was challenging for me and I was afraid that I may not be able to understand everything, but the teachers and staff have always ways been there for me, always present to explain what I did not understand. They were really patient and they motivated me a lot too. Also, I liked the fact that every teacher has a different background and experience in the skin care industry, so they all were able to present a different vision. Thanks to Miss S., Miss Kyra, Miss J, Miss Elise, Miss Tracey, Francisco, Angie, Ann, Regina, and off course, Miss Hanson!

Has the School Helped Prepare You for Your Career?

Yes it has because the teachers and the staff prepared us for the “real world.” I feel completely confident and ready to start my career as an esthetician. I know all the options this industry offers me. Thanks to the practical experience and the fact we can have clients in the clinic of Atelier Esthetique, I have gained experience and feel confident for the future!

Chloé Dambricourt
New York State Esthetician License Day Program

Atelier Esthetique is a New York State approved school for esthetician licensing, and advanced training in skin care, located in Manhattan, NYC. It offers a variety of classes and programs and is one of the most respected New York City beauty schools. Get the best training you can! Our graduates get jobs fast!


Atelier Graduate Elizabeth Taylor Awarded Beauty Changes Lives 2016 Esthetics Scholarship

We couldn’t be more proud of our recent graduate, Elizabeth Taylor, who has been awarded the 2016 Beauty Changes Lives / Murad Esthetics Scholarship.

Elizabeth submitted an essay (below) as well as her vision board.

Congratulations Elizabeth! We look forward to hearing more about your successful career in the skin care industry!


“I fell in love with holistic skincare, after discovering the healing magic in plants. I thought that I was alone in the world with skin so dry and sensitive that I can’t even use Dove soap. Beginning with just a few products that I formulated, designed, and manufactured, I opened a boutique called True Beauty Brooklyn dedicated to all natural and organic skincare. Over the past three years, I have built a clientele of people who search us out because they too thought that they were alone in the world, desperately searching for products without scary ingredients and that can really heal their skin. Some of our clients have had recent cancer scares and are completely ridding their lives of chemicals. Others suffer from psoriasis, eczema or rosacea, and everything they have ever tried before has just made things worse.

Some are pregnant and are scared to use chemicals because their unborn child will absorb whatever is entering their bodies. I love that every day I get out of bed to educate people about my passion, and plant seeds of passion in them. It is time to take my passion and career to the next level. I must obtain my esthetics license to become a professional skincare expert and to be able to help my clients on a broader scale and to help to grow the Green Beauty Community.”

Elizabeth Taylor
Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics, Class of August, 2016


Atelier Esthetique – Student in the Spotlight Paloma Bassani

400x481-paloma-april-2016“A few years ago I started developing my passion for all things Beauty, starting with makeup. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take, and began by taking a makeup course at another school for esthetics. When I finally decided I wanted to pursue a career as an Esthetician, I did my research and found out about Atelier Esthetique.

Even though I already had a credit elsewhere, I chose to attend this school because I was very impressed with Ms. Hanson’s history and the success rate of her school and alumni. After being here for several months I can say that I do not regret my decision. My classmates and teachers are WONDERFUL! I have met so many great people and learned so much valuable information.

I really feel I am getting the best education I can get in order to be successful out in the real world. I am confident that I will be a successful Esthetician once I graduate, and it’s thanks to my time here at Atelier Esthetique.”

Paloma Bassani
Weekend Esthetician Licensing Program

Atelier Esthetique – Graduate in the Spotlight

melanie-licata-02Melanie Licata

… is a licensed esthetician and a trained special effects and beauty makeup artist. After discovering her passion for makeup as an undergraduate in Rider University’s Theatre department, Mel completed Tom Savini’s Special Make-Up Effects Program in 2015, after which she earned her esthetician’s license from Atelier Esthétique in New York City.

Mel’s experience ranges from bridal and high fashion to work in theater and film. She is currently participating in the SyFy Channel’s Faceoff competing for a grand prize and the honor of being Hollywood’s next great effects artist! Good luck Melanie!


Atelier Graduates in the Spotlight

We’re so proud of all of our graduates. We’re also grateful that they decided to launch their careers in the skin care industry at Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics, the PREMIER training and education center for the skin care industry in New York City. Our school is recognized world-wide and because of our high-standards and excellent training – OUR GRADUATES GET JOBS FAST.

Here are just a few of Atelier Esthetique’s “Success Stories.” Follow us on Facebook as we post more stories about our graduates and what their success in the skin care industry!


Congratulations to Michelle Phillip, an Atelier Esthetique graduate, who became a top waxing specialist in only 4 months at the European Wax Center at 57th and Second Ave.


Another recent graduate, Seth Jacobs, was hired by Kiehl’s NYC Upper East Side. We’re all so proud of you Seth, congratulations!


Anastasia Feklova is an Atelier Esthetique graduate who has gone on to be very successful in the skin care industry as an Esthetician with Le Métier de Beauté’s National.


Beverly Wilson is the Regional Beauty Manager for Duane Reede. She graduated from the weekend program at Atelier Esthetique in 2011. Already working at Duane Reede, her new credentials as a licensed New York State Esthetician opened new doors and opportunities within the company immediately.

“My licensed changed everything and I immediately was offered a position an executive position at Duane Reede as a Training Manger,” Ms. Wilson shared as a guest speaker at a recent Atelier Esthetique Open House.


Allison Pratt (right) is an Atelier Esthetique graduate and quickly found a job with European Wax Center. Seen here with Ann Falzone, District Manager at European Wax Center, the two recently spoke with Atelier Esthtetique students sharing their insight and advice about career opportunities and how to successfully work with customers and build a client base.

Learn more about Atelier Esthetique and arrange a school tour using this online contact form.



Recent Graduate Jessica Lim Shares Her Experience at Atelier Esthetique

jessica-lim-450Recent graduate Jessica Lim took the time to write us a note to share her thoughts about attending Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics.

Thank you Jessica. We’re so proud of you and look forward to following your successful career in the  skin care industry.

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study at Atelier Esthetique! The teachers I had were all extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the esthetics industry, and their guidance and patience were definitely determining factors in my successful completion of my program. I was given in-depth answers to the questions I asked, as well as hands-on demonstrations, in order to fully absorb the material being taught. Ms. Hanson, the School’s Director, was almost always available in case of any inquiry, and even sat with me one-on-one to guide me through registration process for licensure and examination scheduling upon graduation. I would definitely recommend Atelier Esthetique to a friend; I don’t believe I would have had an education of this quality at any other school. Thank you!”

Jessica Lim
Graduate Weekend Program
November 2015

Graduate Spotlight – Roshni Leonard

400w-roshni-leonard-01Roshni Leonard grew up in the Caribbean, spending countless hours on the beaches of Trinidad. She worked as a receptionist for a dermatologist while attending college full time. Roshni admits back in those days she didn’t even know what SPF was! Luckily, she managed to maintain healthy skin, and she says it was during this time that she decided she wanted to become a skincare specialist.

Roshni followed her dreams all the way to New York City and enrolled at Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics in the summer of 2014. She graduated top of her class with advanced training in chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microcurrent technology; and is now a licensed New York State Esthetician. But, it didn’t stop here for Roshni. She wanted more.

Roshni combined her learning at Atelier with her business degree and opened “Radiance New York Skin Care & Spa Inc.” just a few weeks ago! Roshni credits school founder, Annette Hanson, as a role model for her high standards and high expectations for professionalism for herself and her staff. She calls her journey amazing, and we wish her a lifetime of success and great achievements!

Congratulations Roshni! Thank you for choosing Atelier Esthetique. We’re so proud of you!

If you’re thinking of a new career in the skin care industry look at our New York State Esthetician Licensing Programs here.



Lia Lamela – Another Atelier Esthetique Success Story

Lia Lamela, a 2014 graduate of Atelier Esthetique, recently shared this with me. I’m so proud of you Lia and look forward to hearing more about her success in the years to come.

“I was so confident when I went to my interview because not only did I have my Atelier Esthetique Diploma and my Cirepil Waxing Certificate, but I had taken all three advanced courses that the school offers: Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, and Chemical Peels. The Spa where I interviewed was all high-tech. The interview with the owner went very well and he later said that he chose me because I was prepared to work for him on day one! Making an investment in myself and at Atelier Esthetique was the best thing I could have done – and it really helped me get the job I wanted.” ​





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