Atelier Student Chanell Smith Wins Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship

For the second year in a row an Atelier Esthetique Institute student has won the Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship for Estheticians. In 2016 it was Elizabeth Taylor. This year 2017, it is Chanell Smith.

Chanell’s Beauty Changes Lives Essay & Inspiration Board

“As a current esthetic student, I want to best prepare myself once I leave school to be an amazing esthetician so that I may snag a position within the industry. This scholarship would allow me all the advantages of taking specialized classes, with my number one being a lash extension course.  This scholarship would be a blessing to me but more importantly, a blessing to my family. I spent 10 years working in the health industry seeking job security, but after being laid off twice and being placed in a situation where I could become homeless,  I decided that I must change my career.

The beauty industry has always been my passion but fear and doubt held me back. When I decided to start school, I was very worried about what would happen to my small family. I have a daughter who is 5, and a few months ago I adopted my niece who is 7 months.  My goal is to show them the importance of staying true to your passions and the liberation of being a business woman.

My “Inspiration Board” is based on my favorite things about being an esthetician and what keeps me motivated to be successful in this industry.”

Atelier Graduate Elizabeth Taylor Awarded Beauty Changes Lives 2016 Esthetics Scholarship

We couldn’t be more proud of our recent graduate, Elizabeth Taylor, who has been awarded the 2016 Beauty Changes Lives / Murad Esthetics Scholarship.

Elizabeth submitted an essay (below) as well as her vision board.

Congratulations Elizabeth! We look forward to hearing more about your successful career in the skin care industry!


“I fell in love with holistic skincare, after discovering the healing magic in plants. I thought that I was alone in the world with skin so dry and sensitive that I can’t even use Dove soap. Beginning with just a few products that I formulated, designed, and manufactured, I opened a boutique called True Beauty Brooklyn dedicated to all natural and organic skincare. Over the past three years, I have built a clientele of people who search us out because they too thought that they were alone in the world, desperately searching for products without scary ingredients and that can really heal their skin. Some of our clients have had recent cancer scares and are completely ridding their lives of chemicals. Others suffer from psoriasis, eczema or rosacea, and everything they have ever tried before has just made things worse.

Some are pregnant and are scared to use chemicals because their unborn child will absorb whatever is entering their bodies. I love that every day I get out of bed to educate people about my passion, and plant seeds of passion in them. It is time to take my passion and career to the next level. I must obtain my esthetics license to become a professional skincare expert and to be able to help my clients on a broader scale and to help to grow the Green Beauty Community.”

Elizabeth Taylor
Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics, Class of August, 2016


Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Sandra Peculic

2016-08-05_09-58-39“After researching many different schools and their programs I decided on Atelier Esthetique.

Atelier Esthetique was the only school that offered so many different advanced classes, along with a schedule that works with everyday life.

I made arrangements to visit and tour the school. The school, the staff and students there seemed so happy and friendly.

Getting a job was a lot easier than I thought. The name “Atelier Esthetique” goes a long way and is well-recognized in the skin care industry. I was hired by a Dermatologist, my dream job, before my graduation date!

In the future I plan to open my own medi-spa that will offer a wide range of services!”

Recent Graduate Ainsley Bartholomew Shares Her Experience at Atelier Esthetique

ainsley-bartholomew-evening“I just graduated from my evening program in April 2016. I’m so appreciative of the multiple teachers I’ve had and their extensive knowledge that they had to offer. They were so informative and excited to share with the students. Ms. B. said, “Our education is our freedom” and she encouraged us to read outside the classroom and to stay curious; Ms. J. is understanding, patient, and so knowledgeable; Miss Ann has an amazing rapport with the students and she is a fountain of information and patience. I’m so eager to begin my future career.”

Ainsley Bartholomew, Evening Class Graduate

Congratulations & Welcome Judith Vazquez

Atelier Esthetique is happy to welcome one of our newest students – Judith Vazquez.

Judith attended a recent OPEN HOUSE and is now registered and starting classes in June to get her New York State Esthetician license.

Congratulations Judith! We look forward to giving you the best education possible and hearing all about your successes in the days to come!




Atelier Esthetique – Student in the Spotlight Paloma Bassani

400x481-paloma-april-2016“A few years ago I started developing my passion for all things Beauty, starting with makeup. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take, and began by taking a makeup course at another school for esthetics. When I finally decided I wanted to pursue a career as an Esthetician, I did my research and found out about Atelier Esthetique.

Even though I already had a credit elsewhere, I chose to attend this school because I was very impressed with Ms. Hanson’s history and the success rate of her school and alumni. After being here for several months I can say that I do not regret my decision. My classmates and teachers are WONDERFUL! I have met so many great people and learned so much valuable information.

I really feel I am getting the best education I can get in order to be successful out in the real world. I am confident that I will be a successful Esthetician once I graduate, and it’s thanks to my time here at Atelier Esthetique.”

Paloma Bassani
Weekend Esthetician Licensing Program


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