Recent Graduate Ainsley Bartholomew Shares Her Experience at Atelier Esthetique

ainsley-bartholomew-evening“I just graduated from my evening program in April 2016. I’m so appreciative of the multiple teachers I’ve had and their extensive knowledge that they had to offer. They were so informative and excited to share with the students. Ms. B. said, “Our education is our freedom” and she encouraged us to read outside the classroom and to stay curious; Ms. J. is understanding, patient, and so knowledgeable; Miss Ann has an amazing rapport with the students and she is a fountain of information and patience. I’m so eager to begin my future career.”

Ainsley Bartholomew, Evening Class Graduate

Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Leilani El Gabry

leilani-el-gabry-01“I chose Atelier Esthetique because of its long history of educational excellence.

The school also offers a flexible schedule.

I really think it’s wonderful how the teachers go above and beyond to help you learn. It’s a very friendly and professional environment.

I’m looking forward to acquiring the skills I’ll need to be successful in the skin care industry and I’m always looking to better educate myself and others.”

Leilani El Gabry
600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Day Program

New Product at the Atelier Clinic!


We all know about exercises that tone and lift below the neck, like squats and lunges for our thighs and butt. But guess what, face and neck muscles also sag and droop.

Beauty Tip – time to focus on the face!

One of my yoga instructors always talks about the “cow face” to reduce jowls. Hey, when you’re in a room with a bunch of other yogis it’s quite normal to protrude your jaw and place your bottom front teeth over your top front teeth.

Raise your left arm, turn your head to the right and look up toward the ceiling. Hold. Release. Repeat. You get the point.

But, when I heard something came in a bottle that specifically targets sagging and lax skin, deep creases, wrinkles and fine lines you didn’t have to ask me twice to give it a try!

Thanks to IMAGE Skincare’s latest advancement in anti-aging: The MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift Cream is said to help increase elasticity, brighten, tighten and define the neck and jawline.

Come visit the Atelier Clinic and purchase one today. Here’s to looking younger!

If you have any specific questions about skin care, or are looking for any beauty and make-up advice, drop me a line at

Regina Manning
Licensed Esthetician
Beauty & Skin Care Expert

Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Joanna Collado

joann-collado“I chose Atelier Esthetique because of its credibility and reputation. Ms. Hanson is one of the most respected people in the esthetics industry. She was the first person to instruct others on the use of glycolic acid in the U.S., a breakthrough that is still recognized today. I am honored to learn from her as well as her talented staff.

I plan on combining the esthetics skills I learn at Atelier Esthetique with my dermatology training. My ultimate goal is to transform the practice I currently run into a medi-spa and offer a wide range of functional medical beauty services.”

Joanna Collado

600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Weekend Program


Image Skin Care Products

Atelier Esthetique trains with and uses Image Skin Care Products.

We love them and you will too.

Vectorize Technology by Image Skincare from Image Skincare on Vimeo.

Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Julie Seok

400x481-julie-seok“I chose Atelier Esthetique because I was looking for a school in New York City that would give me the best education and that had the best teachers. I’m happy to have found a school with passionate teachers.

I’m in Ms. B’s class currently and learning a wealth of information. I’m really happy here and happy I chose Atelier Esthetique.”

Julie Seok

600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Weekend Program


Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Sierra Winfrey

400x481-sierra-winfrey“After graduating from High School I decided I wanted to explore a career in the skin care industry. I found Atelier Esthetique’s website, liked everything I saw, and then scheduled a visit and tour of the school.

I don’t live in New York City but decided to move here for the duration of the 600-Hour licensing program.

Ms. Hanson is very respected in the skin care industry and she’s always looking out for the best interest of her students.

After I get my New York State Esthetician’s license I’d like to create a skin care product line and maybe someday open my own destination spa!”

Sierra Winfrey

600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Day Program


May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

regina-01The weather is getting warmer! You know what that means – a glass of Rose at a café, picnics, outdoor jogs – a lot of fun in the sun.

Beauty Tip: lather on the sunscreen before you head outdoors – it can also save your life.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. It is estimated that one person dies from melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – every hour.

That golden bronze look we all love is actually a fight or flight response from our bodies. Ultraviolet rays from the sun reach the inner layers of skin. This produces more melanin, or skin pigment, making the outer layer tan or sometimes red.

These color changes are a response to injury. Good news: Skin cancer is curable if diagnosed and treated early. So check those spots!

The average person has between 10 and 40 moles on their body. It’s important to have your Doctor perform a full-body skin exam, especially if something just doesn’t look or feel right.

Use the A-B-C-D-E method to remember what to check for:

  • “A” stands for asymmetrical. Does the mole or spot have an irregular shape with two parts that look very different?
  • “B” stands for border. Is the border irregular or jagged?
  • “C” is for color. Is the color uneven?
  • “D” is for diameter. Is the mole or spot larger than the size of a pea?
  • “E” is for evolving. Has the mole or spot changed during the past few weeks or months?

These tips will save your life!

So, in between doctor’s visits check yourself and keep an eye out for any new moles.

If you have any specific questions about skin care, or are looking for any beauty and make-up advice, drop me a line at

Regina Manning
Licensed Esthetician
Beauty & Skin Care Expert

Congratulations & Welcome Judith Vazquez

Atelier Esthetique is happy to welcome one of our newest students – Judith Vazquez.

Judith attended a recent OPEN HOUSE and is now registered and starting classes in June to get her New York State Esthetician license.

Congratulations Judith! We look forward to giving you the best education possible and hearing all about your successes in the days to come!




Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique – Nancy Marie Pinho

nancy-marie-pinho-01“Upon researching schools to attend, Atelier Esthetique caught my eye because of their amazing reviews. The staff and owner Annette Hanson are by far the most helpful, intelligent, and successful women I have encountered in a learning establishment.

I was lucky enough to take the full-time day 600-Hour New York State Esthetician licensing program in the 4 months time, which was  and still is an amazing journey that no other school provides.

The opportunities for success are endless in the skin care industry long term, I know I will open my own spa and provide the best quality services and products for my clients. Short term I would like to work along side a doctor or dermatologist at a medical spa!”

Nancy Marie Pinho
600-Hour New York State Esthetician Licensing Program – Day Program



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